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Enjoy IranAir Catering In the sky

IranAir Catering with more than 40 years of experience in the food supply industry is known as one of the biggest catering centers in the Middle East. By utilizing high-tech equipment, essential tools, and nutrition programs that are in compliance with health and nutrition principles, IranAir Catering abides with safety and hygiene standards and is responsible for producing and giving food and welfare services (children’s entertainment, newspapers and magazines, films ...) to its esteemed passengers. This center also gives services to other internal and international airlines.



A brief history of IranAir Catering
IranAir catering was founded in 1967 and it holds an space of 8833 square meters including administration, warehouse, production and preparation sections. Also, there are over 700 employees offering different services.
In addition to providing meals and other welfare services for passengers and crew, IranAir catering department offer sits services to other domestic and international carriers. IranAir catering generally prepares at least 32000 meals per day and it also provides food and beverages for IranAir employees and other personnel at the Mehrabad & IKA Airports.


Special Meals

Some passengers have special preferences regarding their on-board meals and that is why IranAir Catering offers a number of special meals on the international flights. The preparation of such meals meets the requirements of medically prescribed diets, religious convictions or vegetarian principles. Special orders may be ordered up to 48 hours before the flight departure time. By calling IranAir reservation section, passengers can easily speak about their request if they had forgotten to do so upon booking.

Tel.:+98(21) 44672200
If you make changes in your reservation, we advise you to remind your travel agent or IranAir reservation staff about your order of a special meal.

Homa class services

In flights in which IranAir offers special seats for first class passengers (Homa Class), particular services are provided for Homa Class passengers, including catering services which are prepared in accordance with specific standards. In comparison with daily services, Homa Class catering services offer particular and exclusive services. The particular quality and variety of these services enjoy some of the best designs and tastes. Choosing food from the menu, getting services in porcelain dishes, receiving gift bags, flowers and saffron are among the instances of services which Homa Class passengers might receive during their flights.

Services to other airlines

In-flight services

In addition to foods and other catering services for domestic and international airlines, other catering services are: 

Interchange - trip with van - dry store - leading publications in Persian and English -services for international and domestic VVIP, VIP flights.

Ground services (seminars and conferences

It also offers food and full services for conferences and seminars; for all accredited public or private organizations with the requested capacity.

To enjoy the above-mentioned services, you can contact Catering Customer Services & Agreement Manager:

Tel:  +98 21 46624652, 46624606

Fax: +98 21 46628465